I Just came across this, now i know many people have commented on Karatbars, well maybe this will help you understand a bit more and to show you the legality of it all. I do understand that many people have been burned online, myself included, I have done as much investigating as i can with… Read More »

Do You Know Your Numbers – Part 2

Network Marketing – Do You Know Your Numbers – Part 2 Why are your company’s conversions statistics so important to the overall success of your business? I want to dig into that discussion a little deeper. If you know the conversion factors for your business you really can set your path to success, but they’re… Read More »

What I Hate Most About Home Businesses

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Never Ever Forget To Do This

Network Marketing – URGENT: Never Ever Forget To Do This Every now and again you should decide to remove the curtain and share something that is literally priceless and personal – The realization of a goal achieved. When I started this home business stuff my FIRST big goal was to earn enough to pay for… Read More »

What To Do After You Get The Lead

Network Marketing – What To Do After You Get The Lead I’ve spent a lot of time talking about the mindset of success through example, real life experience, and case study example. Now I want to shift gears and talk about something a little bit more technical: What to do after you generate a prospect… Read More »

Reap The Rewards of Holistic Marketing

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This Will Shock You To Your Core

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How to Use LinkedIn to Get Recruited

LinkedIn.com is one of the fastest growing recruiting tools currently used by Headhunters and Professionals alike. If you are used to networking and taking advantage of business meet and greets, then you can expand your networks and your professional name by using LinkedIn. If you are still coming to grips with how to network or… Read More »

Print And Save This Post

Network Marketing – Print And Save This Email I was asked a great question regarding direct marketing style sales letters. The question came from someone, Sam, whose company did not have that type of sales letter in its system that is used to convert prospects into signups. So he considered creating one, and wanted a… Read More »