Life Changes

Hello and Welcome to my little home online.

I am James Reilly and this is where everything happens in my online ventures.

Let me share some admin. If you look above you will see the site links. The links above will take you to the various posts and content on the site. If you look to the footer you will see the Legal Links all down there.

I created this site so that I could share how to do many things about being online and building your own “Virtual” home online. I share tips and tactics on how to do many online activities which include but are not limited to :

  • Social Media
  • Branding
  • Hosting
  • WordPress
  • Script Install
  • Traffic
  • Marketing
  • Networking

the list goes on for a bit so I will leave it here. BUT You get the idea. I initially set this up because I was helping a lot of people set up their own systems and many times I was repeating myself.

Having a Blog allows me the luxury of writing and sharing so that people can learn the Why and How to.

I don’t charge for the content on the site, I don’t need you to be in a club or secret mastermind. I just need you to be open to the idea of doing things online and building up your presence through the use of what we have available.

Where I can I will use my Affiliate Link so that I can earn a commission for sharing the way I do. This way you get the information you want and I get a thank you for sharing what I do. In saying that, YOU are under NO Obligation to purchase anything from this site.

With what I do online, I have been able to help hundreds of people and I enjoy it, but I think it’s time that I spend a bit on myself. So I am going to share me on here as well.

  • Who I am
  • Where I come from
  • How I got to where I am
  • Where I am headed
  • My Ups and Downs

I don’t want you to just be here, read the content and go. I want YOU to connect with me and get to know me. I have ONE Life and I want to make the most of it.