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Home Based Business” – A way for me to be at home and
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I am James Reilly and I am a Type 1 Diabetic, Insulin Injection controlled since Dec 1995. I had to give up work a few years ago due to my illness getting too severe for me to be out and about. I had all but given up on life.

I had a lot of spare time and took that opportunity to learn all about Internet Marketing. I have set this site up so that I can help people put their ideas online, build up their online business and start to build their dreams.JamesReilly

I am a technical person when it comes to doing things online,. that’s good for you because you don’t need to learn the technical side of it. I love setting up systems and making them function the way we want them.

I also give away lots of digital products through out this site.. Lots of great eBook information, some to help you with systems i setup, some for informational purposes and some to help you gain more knowledge. I also share websites, traffic systems and programs that I use. Where I can I will use an affiliate link, so I might end up getting credit for sharing the information with you (Affiliate Marketing)

I am also involved with “Karatbars” and “Valentus“. These two programs are what now powers my “Home Based Business” and online goals. Karatbars allows me to help the ordinary everyday person own Real Gold, it’s not just the rich and wealthy who can do that now. Valentus allows me to live healthier, be healthier in MIND and Body and help others with their Well Being.

Most of all, I help people with gaining more Knowledge and help them build that up so that they can be online and not feel lost.

Together we can improve upon things so that we can achieve the lifestyle we deserve and not be wage slaves until it is too late. Anyone can start a Home Based Business. It’s just about connecting with people and having the right Team and System around you.

I invite you to get in touch with me and find out more. You can get me on Skype JamesReilly273 anytime.

You can learn MORE About Me Here