Together Everyone Achieves More -TEAM

A few years ago, who am I kidding. Over a decade ago I was building a site and I needed help. I tried to find the answer myself and I did all the searching and to be honest I made the problem worse. I found a Tech person online and they said they could fix what i wanted done. They did the Job and it was fixed.

Then the bill came in and it was a few HUNDRED Pounds. I was shocked and rather annoyed. I paid it, and that was the last time I paid someone to do something for me.

I spent lots of my time over the years watching tutorial videos, building my own sites so that I could learn the skills, helping others so that I could experience other systems and eventually mastering them so that I would never need to pay someone else to do it for me.

I meet daily a lot of people that read the stories and want to build an online business. They don’t realize the technical aspects of it, the learning curve and keeping up to date with some of the skills to build something online.

Working together we achieve greatness because what I might excel at you might excel at other things that I don’t. Everyone working on their own can only get so far, but together we achieve more.

ANYONE can do it, you don’t need to be Alan Turing, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. This isn’t a technical code site this is a practical how to get it done site.

  • How Do I Use,
  • What’s the best to do…,
  • How do i setup,
  • Can I do that..

Lots of questions have been asked and what I do is put the answers on the site in posts. This allows me to build the site with content, help people along the way and support a lot of people who just don’t want to talk to me lol however I firmly believe that with teamwork we can do it.

So how does this site benefit you? Well I lay out instructions and small tutorials on how to do certain things. Many things you never thought that you could do, I help break it down so that you understand it and I am also here to help you understand it.

No matter your journey online when we team together we achieve more and using teamwork together everyone achieves more.

How to create a PDF and why would you want to do that, how to FTP your files, or how to setup little traffic systems. I don’t just put the information here I try and help educate you so that you can see if it is for you.

You might stand want to do this all on your own, You don’t need to tell anyone about me, however think about this, we are more together.

I have listed below “SOME” categories that are found on this site, however you really need to go to where the posts all are and really start digging through it. I have a great search system on the site, I have broken what I post into categories for you to easily navigate to.

I am also an Affiliate Marketer so there are things on here that are for sale, things on here you can download and things on here you can register with.

The Menu system at the top is a great way to Navigate the site. I also have a support system that you can contact me on.


Join Me Together Everyone Achieves More -TEAM