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Hello and Welcome to JamesReilly.co.uk

I am James Reilly and this is where everything happens in my online ventures. I wanted to set this site up so that I could help others become Full-time Marketers online and turn their Health into Wealth.

I’m on a Journey that started the day I was born, it’s noJames Reilly Weight Loss Journeyt over yet so I wanted a way to help me grow. Putting myself out there does that.

I’m a few things :

I’m also sure that the wife and kids call me a few other things as well, however I wont put them here lol.

About Me

My sense of humour is rather dry I think. I like Billy Connolly, his life inspires me and I’m in awe of what he has done and achieved. I love Kevin Bloody Wilson, his music is a much needed break from the reality we live in. I love the sarcasm from Jack Dee.

Network Marketing

I got into Network Marketing by accident. I was always online, always doing something but the call of Network Marketing never really hit my ears.

Until I needed something to help me. When I was shown Valentus, that became the Network Opportunity that broke me in.

In all my years online doing Affiliate Marketing I have never been with a company that has had such raving amazing products that literally sell themselves.

When people ask about the products and they buy the products it’s great to hear so quickly how they want to move up from being a Customer and become an Independent Representative of the company.

Everyone that we have shared the products and the Business side of Valentus with have had a easy transition into the Company and into Network Marketing.

Network Marketing

In my Journey Online I have came across some amazing sources of inspiration. There are too many to list however I will share some with you :

I come across many people in my online ventures, many who need help and know it and many who need help but don’t know it. I love the idea of Self Development and finding the Valentus Opportunity took me into Network Marketing and that has really gave me that new purpose in life.


I hear in the back of my head a little voice from my childhood screaming at me and calling me stupid, waste of space, no hope and many other things like that. Where I am today in my life is a million miles away from where I started and this journey is not over yet.

I know that without knowing you, if I can do it so can you. When I look back on my life and the things I have done, achieved, accomplished. For me this is the ONE that it has all been leading up to.

The Blog

Having this Blog allows me the luxury of writing and sharing so that people can learn the Why and How in breaking free from what society says is your limitations. I want to share with you on here me, myself and I. I think that no matter what you do in life, you have a story to tell. That story might just be the reason that someone takes action, doesn’t fail, or inspires to be more because of what you have said.

You can just never tell.

Type 1 Diabetes

I’m also on a Journey of Self-Discovery about my body, WHY I got Type 1 Diabetes, The Genetics of it and how I can help myself be that bit healthier. So there might be posts on here and you would think “WHY”, especially the Medical Information. I was Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, I had never heard of that disease, then my 5-year-old daughter was diagnosed with it as well, at the time of writing this she is now 12 years old.

More recently I was diagnosed with an Under-active Thyroid and suffer many ailments due to my Type 1 Diabetes.

I will NOT let anything beat me or get me down to a point where I cannot return. I share not to show off, brag or look for sympathy. I share because if I have gone through it then just maybe someone else will and if they find my information and it helps them, then for me this blog has served it’s purpose.

I’m NOT Responsible

I am NOT a Doctor so don’t take my information on this site as Legal Medical Advice.

Always seek information from a Professional. I will not be held responsible for anything you do or take action on. This is MY Journey and MY Body that I am working with. Any income claims on the site, take that as extra ordinary. I do not know you, I do not know your abilities. What I do and any success that I have in what I do is not an indication that you will get the same.

You will also find around this site the product that I promote Valentus, you will find digital downloads that I give away for FREE, you will find recommendations on products that I use and you will find hints and tips on how to better understand a system. On each of my blog posts at the bottom of the every post you will find a subscribe section. That subscribe section is ONLY for that category which that post is in. This means if your in the Twitter Category reading a twitter post, then the subscription box at the bottom will probably be related to Twitter, does that make sense?

WHY Do I help people?

I see around me lots of people getting laid off, not getting the money they paid into the system out of the system. I watch them struggle and I see and hear their envy at times towards other people. This emotionally hurts me and I wish I could help. I always tell my wife that if we were to ever win the lottery I would be the poorest lottery winner ever.

There is just so much need in the world. However, there needn’t be. I was never taught about planning my life. It was drummed in “to get anywhere in life you need a Job”, I was never shown how to think about my own future. Instead, it was Work an Hour get Paid an Hour. That is not living.

There is lots of money to be made online, MILLIONS actually. However, I don’t need millions. I need money to pay my phone bill, get the kids that extra school jacket, pay for the trip that is coming up, you know the regular residual bills that I need to pay.

I wanted a way to have my Residual Bills paid with Residual Income. That is where the Internet and Digital Information comes into it all. Then the Valentus Journey with helping people be more healthy and live a longer life so they can really annoy the crap out their kids for longer.

Where I can I will use my Affiliate Link so that I can earn a commission for sharing the way I do. This way you get the information you want and I get a thank you for sharing what I do. In saying that, YOU are under NO Obligation to purchase anything from this site.

With what I do online, I have been able to help hundreds of people and I enjoy it, but I think it’s time that I spend a bit on myself. So I am going to share me on here as well.

  • Who I am
  • Where I come from
  • How I got to where I am
  • Where I am headed
  • My Ups and Downs

I don’t want you to just be here, read the content and go. I want YOU to connect with me and get to know me. I have ONE Life and I want to make the most of it.

This Website is 3 Things –

  1. My Marketing and Support –
  2. My Diabetes and Weight Loss Journey
  3. ME, Myself and I

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