12 in 24 Plan Steps to Success

The 12 in 24 System

Let me Introduce you to the 12 in 24 plan featuring 3 Valentus products that are cutting edge, delicious and not only that… THEY WORK!

Watch the video below to learn more about this amazing and great tasting all natural weight management program!

The Simple Weight-loss System


Myself, I have 1 SlimRoast Coffee in the morning before breakfast. I have kids who go to school so I’m up around 06:45hrs, then I have my breakfast around 07:15hrs to 08:00hrs. My coffee helps me with my appetite so that I’m not overeating. As a Type 1 Diabetic I count my carbs per meal, 1 Slice of Bread is 15 grams of carbs, so my breakfast would usually be 2 Slices of Toast which comes to 30 Grams, for me that is 10 Units of Insulin Injection, or, I might have porridge, each sachet of porridge is 30 Grams, however, my latest find is 2 Boiled Eggs.

Seriously look that up and you will be amazed what 2 Boiled eggs for breakfast will do for your day. Even my kids want that now.

When Lunchtime approaches, then I have my Prevail Tropical Burn (Prevail Trim), this really helps my system by not keeping it in me sat around longer than it should. My food gets in does it’s job and gets out lol so to speak. I get that feeling of NO Bloatedness, All the drinks that I have from the Valentus system I drink them BEFORE I have my meals.

The last drink at night is the Prevail Immune Balance (Immune Boost). This works on my system throughout the night repairing me and getting me ready for tomorrow’s day.

As you can see, no shakes to make or silly meals or going without. A well-balanced program that fits in with almost any lifestyle.

What is your routine like? Give the 12in24 a shot and let me know.

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