12 Year Old Boy Defeats Candida Albicans

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This is an eye-opening story! This brave 12 year old boy and his Mom have shared his wellness journey with us in the hope of helping other kids who are suffering with Candida Albicans (yeast overgrowth).

Amy says, “As a boy it is hard to have to battle with Candida, and the diet alone for a child is brutal?? but he is determined! We just finished the Valentus Breakthrough AM/PM! When he stepped on the scale, he wasn’t overly impressed but when I showed him the picture he smiled and said, let’s continue!”

Candida overgrowth affects your “gut flora” and is responsible for a host of underlying health issues. Yeast overgrowth occurs with a diet high in sugar and carbs, alcohol consumption, antibiotic use, stress, birth control pills, excess food, water and environmental chemicals, and more. In today’s world, we are all affected, even our children.

The Valentus Breakthrough AM/PM is an incredibly easy solution for helping to re-balance your gut flora. Two thirds of your Immune system is located in your digestive system. Healthy Gut, Healthy Body.

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