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From : James Reilly

Date : October 2017

Have you ever thought about creating your own Lifestyle? You read the stories online about ordinary people making thousands a month and you want to do that.

It’s easy, if they can do it so can you. You just have to…..

So let me stop you there. Yes it is easy once you know how, BUT you need to learn the basics first. What I am seeing with many of the students I help is that they are buying into systems and not knowing how they work or how to do it. NO ONE has time to learn and they are told just pay that monthly and keep posting, you will make thousands with it because everyone wants it.

Then you check your bank balance and notice that your NOT a few Dollars down, your actually thousands of dollars down and the lure of making more money than your wildest dreams keeps on getting you and you keep going round in circles.


No matter where I go online, I have Affiliate Marketing to not only Fall Back on, but to help me grow other business ventures that I get into. If you are willing to learn the basics, then your income potential is unlimited.

I’m NOT asking you to join a club I’m promoting, I’m not asking you to pay me a fee of any kind. What I am asking you to do is invest in yourself, invest in the tools you need to succeed. Yes you can do things for FREE, but it will take you a long time, it will drain you and when you look at Time as a Commodity it will cost you dearly.

There is NO Instant Push Button, there is no Magic, or Secret. The ONLY thing there is that I am offering is Knowledge and the ability to Take Action.

Those two things alone can and will break you free.

What Do I Expect From You?

IF I am going to hand over information that would take you months to

  • Source
  • Purchase
  • Learn
  • Take Action

and share it with you in small digestible amounts so you can build your own empire then in return I am going to require some things from you. But first :

  • IF You don’t understand it, ASK ME
  • IF you say you Can’t Do It, then don’t. Your right, you can’t do it.
  • IF you say you have NO TIM£, I have 5 kids, married and Type 1 Diabetes
  • IF your not willing to pay for what you need (The Tools of the Trade), then don’t.

YOU Need to be coachable. You need to be able to afford the basics. Now I have seen this before, oh I can’t afford that but I’m off out tonight on the Beer, I don’t have time, but I just watched 3 Seasons of GoT, then your mindset is wrong.

ANYTHING you want in life you NEED to work for it, YOU NEED to Invest in it. You don’t drive a car without first having driving lessons and then investing in Insurance, Fuel, Tax. You don’t have a Wife before going out on Dates, You don’t have kids without having Practice. Do you understand what I am saying. You need to want this to do this.

Where possible I will use my own resources, my Affiliate Links and share them with you. This is how I keep the cost down. I share with you good information, tools, knowledge and use my links, you buy it and I earn a commission from it.

Where Do I Start

We need to lay a solid foundation to your Empire. This will be one that will be used by you every day in what you are doing online. YOU will be the Authority in what path you choose in life. I am here to show you it without all the bull that others are selling you into.

I don’t care what Product or Business Venture you are getting into online. They do not matter in the slightest because people don’t buy products they buy PEOPLE. It is YOU that becomes the Product of the Product. You are the one that people connect with, YOU are the one they want to copy.

1 – You NEED your OWN Domain Name. I recommend YourName.com. This website is .co.uk because I live in the UK and I wanted to focus branding myself from the UK. I use a company called NameCheap for ALL My domains. They are good and their system is easy to use.

DO NOT Buy anything else from them, ONLY Buy the Domain Name, No Upsells etc.

2 – Your going to need hosting for your domain name. I recommend http://www.NHK-Hosting.com. I run that site and with me as your host I can offer you specialized one to one support. I also know that anything I ask you to do that system will be able to handle it. You get a FULLY Functioning CPANEL Hosting Account. Contact Me First if you want more information.

3 – You NEED to build your List, the money is in the list that you build. You will earn more from your list than you will from strangers landing on your site. Let me help you by giving you a FREE Fully Functioning Autoresponder for your First 100 Subscribers. Join Here

4 – Connect with me on Facebook so that we can meet and greet each other and I can help you work through your wants and needs.

5 – Ask me to get access to “How To – Marketing Online” Facebook Group and I will get you in there. This is an awesome group with lots of Videos and training that I share with you.

Why not connect with me on Facebook and let us have a chat and see what you want, what you expect and how to get it all.

James Reilly