As a kid I was told I would amount to NOTHING. I have created around me a life that I am so proud of. Not one that my childhood or the haters created but one that I struggled to dig my way out and create a life and lifestyle that allows me to smile everyday when I wake up.

On this site I don’t just share tips and tricks, I teach and help others learn and most of all I share MYSELF and my life that I have put together. So you will find personal posts on here, as well as How to and many others.

The passion I have for life has allowed me to create a “lifestyle dedication” that allows me to not only improve upon my own life but to impress and improve upon hundreds of other peoples lives as well.

I remember back a few years ago my eldest daughter had to go to nursery school, i was devastated because my friend was gone. Only a few hours but still gone. I love the fact that Online has allowed me to be around all my kids at anytime if they want me or not. I feel that although I was unlucky with my health I was lucky with the situation that it put me in.

My Goal with what I do online is to help others not miss out, not have to wait but to enjoy life now more than ever. So if you are wanting to get online and build some freedom for yourself and family then I am looking to work with and help others build a similar business alongside me.

Do you think you would be Interested?

Please don’t get me wrong, this is a take action offer.

  • If you are teachable,
  • if you have a positive mindset,
  • If you have a strong work ethic to strive for your goals and have the determination and dedication to work hard to achieve your goals

I would love to hear from you.

What Can I Offer

There is always a What’s In It For Me thought process in anything that I do and anything that I teach. I also teach others to be that way as well.

My technical abilities online with Viral Marketing, Hosting, Social Media would normally cost you Thousands in coaching, training and support. However since I am looking for people who are action takers and coachable then I offer my services to them.

I built this website as a Default Valentus System so that new team members could get setup and I could deploy this for them and they would have their own ready made system to plug in to. The ONLY way to get this system is to Join My Valentus Team.

Remember the Product is YOU, so having your own site brands YOU the Product of the Product. That means the User of the Valentus Products. This website is a WordPress Blog, I use that over any other system because it is so easy to socially integrate and grow not only yourself but your Business Branding.

The CORE of this website is Valentus, but it also has ME on it, my personality, my articles, my downloads. This not only helps you learn and grow but it shows people that you are actually a real person who takes action. Look up ANY Network Marketer and you will see that they have their own blog, this is where you build the Expert Persona and the one people want to connect to. People don’t buy products, People BUY People.

YES Valentus gives you your own links. However that doesn’t help you when you are wanting to change the world and help as many people as you can. Your Blog will start off the same as the other team members but as you learn and grow your blog will become it’s own lead generation system for you to connect and grow with.

I also do Valentus FULL Time. So I am almost always around when you need or want me. I do have a big family and spend a lot of time with them, however with the website, having a Global Reach makes it easy because of Time Difference. This allows me to offer great support almost anytime it is required.