SlimRoast Coffee

Download article as PDF Start Your Day With Valentus SlimRoast Coffee   Losing Weight is no easy task. It’s not just a case of eating less. You have to break many habits that you probably have built up over the years. ... Read more »

Valentus Slim Roast UK

Download article as PDF Valentus Slim Roast UK I’ve had a few conversations recently about Valentus Slim Roast in the UK so I thought I would write and share about it. The Boxes are still the same price, I use ... Read more »

Valentus Coffee Side Effects

Download article as PDF Valentus Coffee Side Effects? Is there any. I have been speaking to a few people who are new to the SlimRoast Coffee and helping them with the “valentus coffee scam“. I have been drinking the SlimRoast ... Read more »