Errors with Valentus Customer Re-Order

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I promote BOTH Sides of Valentus. I promote the Customers Section and help people buy the Products that are right for them. Those that are after a Busines I promote the Independent Representative Side. However many customers do upgrade and become IR in their own time.

I have had this question a few times myself that there was a problem with the Customer Re-Order. Michael here explains in a brilliant way that it will show you that as a Customer you also have your own account.

The main difference between Customer and IR is that a Customer doesn’t get their Affiliate Links. However, once they pay the ONE Time $20 upgrade because so many people are asking them HOW they are looking so good, isn’t it nice to be rewarded each time someone buys a box?


Why some customers get an Error message when they try to reorder and how you can fix the situation.

Posted by Michael McCormick on Saturday, 18 March 2017

Even if you do join as a Customer you can still earn from Valentus. Myself, I recommend the one time $20 IR Upgrade because when you look good people WILL ASK YOU.

Then you can share your link.

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