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Recently when I was setting up an app on Facebook I got this error Facebook Error: Can’t Load URL, I know I followed the instructions to the letter, I have setup many apps before but all of a sudden I was getting these errors. Was I losing my touch or did Facebook do something again…..

You can imagine the frustration at seeing this and going over and over trying to fix it. Turns out Facebook made some changes and never notified anyone about them. The idea behind it is to increase security. It is now a default setting for new Facebook Apps.

Let Me Show You How To Fix This

It isn’t difficult and when it’s done you will see how easy it is to fix this. So you need to go to Facebook Apps and go to your app your having this problem with.

On the left menu down the bottom you will see the following content :

I want you to select Facebook Login :

Then I want you to Select Web :

Then Enter Your Site URL :

Once you do that I want you to click on Continue then keep clicking Next, ignoring all the code, until you get to Step 5 then in the left hand menu you should now see Facebook Login, click the Settings menu item underneath it.

Once you do that under Client oAuth settings, where it says Use Strict Mode for Redirect URIs make sure it’s set to No and that your site URL is in the Valid OAuth redirect URIs box. Then the hit save.

Now you should be able to connect your app and not get this error. This is the way that I did it for a few of my apps that were showing the error and this has worked flawless for me.

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