How to Grow Your Facebook Page Likes

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Secrets To Grow Your Facebook Page Likes

For you to enjoy effective Facebook marketing you must have an audience. Without a large fan base that’s relevant it’s a bit like speaking to a room that’s empty. You would be wasting your time. To Grow Your Facebook Page fan base and to enjoy successful marketing on Facebook you need to be proactive. Getting ‘Likes’ is the first step in converting a casual audience to a fan and eventually a paying customer. Let’s look at the top fan building tips you can implement.

#1 Use Social Plug Ins and Website Widgets

Install social plug ins like Facebook Like Box or Wibiya Toolbar on your website or blog, which allow your visitors to ‘Like’ your Facebook page right from your website. There are many other plug ins that you can install easily to the back end of your website.

#2 Create a Like Gated App

You can provide valuable content using an app that requires visitors to ‘Like’ your page before they can access your content. How this works is really simple. The app provides an image along with a message that instructs the visitor to click ‘Like’ to see the content on your page.

#3 Engagement Ads

Most marketers see Facebook adverts as a way to encourage users to purchase something. Engagement ads are different because they aim to market your Facebook Page rather promoting the sale of a certain product.

#4 Get Your Existing Fans to Share Your Facebook Page Content

Your current fans are key to your building your fan base and watching it grow. When you publish relevant content on your page, your existing fans are more likely to share that material and that can lead to new fans finding their way to your site. Posting regularly up to date information also helps to encourage your fans to share the content you post.

#5 Email Signatures

An often overlooked way to grow your Facebook Page fans is to include an email signature on all your emails. It’s easy to implement and very effective. If you are like most businesses, every day you send out a number of emails and so having the link to your social networking sites on your emails promotes your growth.

These 5 tips are a great place to start to grow your Facebook ‘Likes’ and thus your fan base. As your fans grow and they share your content with their friends, who then share your content with their friends, you will see your reach grow and with that your fan base.

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