Mazda RX 8

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Hi There,

I’ve been on the road since my early 20’s. I got my driving license when I was in the Army. 3 Day course then on duty the fourth day lol. I always wanted a nippy fast car, the Astra GTE, The Pug 205 GTI. Sadly though I never really got to them because of the price of insurance, the lack of funds and the Job.

Since leaving the Army though I have had some amazing cars but still not anything like the Mazda RX 8.

I started with a B Reg Opel Kaddett, it was my first car and I needed to start with something. I then had a Ford Capri 1.6 Lazer, that I admit I did kinda love, then I went on to a Peugeot 205 XL (it was a 1.1) but as I gained more road experience and some insurance time I moved up a few gears. The next major car I remember was a Peugeot 405 1.9 SRI and I admittingly modified that one.

THEN I got a Family so it was back to being normal again. Out went the Max Power and in came the Responsible side of things.

SAAB CDE – This was a really cool car purely because of the sheer size of it and the Cruise Control. The only thing was I kept on getting pulled over by the police and asked for ID.

I then got a Peugeot 406 and that was a pleasant car to start with, however I got that one on Finance and was royally screwed over and conned with it. (The start to my hatred of Finance).

I then wanted something for work¬†and the family. I found this imported Vauxhall Cavalier 4×4 2L Turbo and it was Super Chipped as well. This was insane but as a family car, it was good however, everyone wanted to bloody race the thing.

Then the family got bigger, infact now we have 5 kids, so you can imagine we moved up to the Toyota People Carriers, the 7 and 8 seaters etc. I do love them. The best one I had was the Mitsubishi Delica, I also had the SSangyong Rodius.

Can you see how i like the odd looking cars.

I sold the¬†SSangyong Rodius on ebay and at the bottom of the page was an ad to “Click Here to Get Your Next Vehicle”.

I thought I would have a look and I ended up with a Mazda RX 8. I did look at a Mazda Bongo but the wife said NO, purely because we have another 8 seater there on the drive for her.

That is my Mazda RX 8 57 Reg. If you ever get the chance to own one, then GO FOR IT. Before I bought it, I was petrified of it. I had never heard of the Wankel Engine, it is a Rotary Engine.

I was just a taxi driver for many years, now I get to be a KID with an adult outlook on life.

I have setup a Facebook Page, not only for me to learn and collect what I learn about the car, but for others to see that if you do it right you have a great car on your hands that will give you that smile factor of a 20 year old kid.

Check out the Page on Facebook

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