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An Alternative To Sugary Energy Drinks


Prevail Energy what a breath of fresh air when it comes to Energy Drinks. I used to measure my lawn by how many Energy Drinks it would take me to get through it. On average I was on about 4 Energy Drinks.

NOT GOOD. I never actually knew how dangerous these drinks could be. Did you see the video where the young lad’s heart was pounding out of his body because he drank too many Energy Drinks? I was shocked.

Then I turn around and my kids are buying it because they need a boost at School and that really worried me. Even though it’s not LAW Not to sell them to kids, most shops around here Don’t, however, there are a few who do.

Not good when one of my kids has ADHD, you just know when he is on an Energy Drink. My daughter, she is a Dancer and does all the competitions around the UK. She NEEDS her energy.

When I looked into Prevail Energy and what it had in it, the All Natural approach for me as a Dad was a godsend. I have banned Energy Drinks in my house, I do not want my kids getting ill because of them.

My daughter was up one day, really early to get ready to go to the mainland for a competition. I made her a drink and told her to have that. NON-Fizzy ALL Natural and mixed with Strawberry Water. She hated it, it was too sweet. So the next one I made her I made it with tap water and again she hated it. She preferred it with the Strawberry Water.

That day, she did awesome at the Competition and she had a great deal of energy to keep her going all day. In fact, now she drinks a bottle each morning on her way to School because it gives her the attention span she needs in class.

I have long days at times and Prevail Energy has gotten me through them time and again. I used to drink an overly stupid amount of Orange Energy Drinks but they were really taking their toll and doing a lot of damage. As a Type 1 Diabetic, I couldn’t win. Sugar levels all over the place, no Energy and sleeping all the time.

Missing out on life was part of my life at the time. I actually never knew about the Prevail Energy drink, I was on Youtube looking around and came across a review of it and that got me doing my own research into it.

Like the other drinks, the Prevail Energy is a cold drink sachet mixed with Strawberry Water. Can you tell I like my strawberry Water when they don’t have it, I like to have the Lemon Water, but I’m not keen on the Peach Drink, that reminds me too much of my Army days in Germany when I used to drink Apfelkorn lol. NOT a good place to be but an amazing drink lol and the memories…


For a healthy energy boost, tear packet and mix contents with 12-16oz. of water. For maximum energy, mix two packets with 12-16oz. of water.


Organic cane sugar, Inulin dietary fiber, Citric acid, Potassium citrate, Natural cherry powder, Natural blueberry powder, Stevia (leaf), Natural flavor, Natural caffeine from coffee bean, Guarana seed powder, Maqui berry powder, Green tea powder, Gotu kola powder, Maca (root) powder, Rhodiola Rosea powder, Siberian ginseng powder, Natural color.


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