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Why is it that some people seem to catch a cold after cold while others never even get so much as a cough or a runny nose? There may be other factors involved, but ultimately what it comes down to is the power of your immune system!

When I became Type 1 Diabetic I became eligible to yearly flu jabs. However after getting them jabs each year I used to always get knocked for 6. I hate it. Then one year there was no Jab for me as they ran out and guess what… NO Knocking For SIX.

I started to look into the Flu Jab and to be honest, I don’t personally trust it. Each year I do get my letter to go and get it but I tend NOT to now. My wife always laughs at me that I get my colds in the Summer and fine in the Winter. WELL, Last year (2016) I had NO Colds in the summer.

I drink my Prevail Immune Balance each night before bed, this lets my system get a reboot whilst I am sleeping. Because I wasn’t getting the Jabs yearly I still want to look after myself, so I did have a look around and I did try the tablets and sweets that you get to help boost, but it just never did what I wanted.

What really swayed me was the Testimonials that I saw people posting about their own experiences with Prevail Immune Boost, so that kinda led me on to it.

What I really liked about the product as the fact that it was complete and was Packed With Antioxidants, it also Supports Immune Health, it has Vitamins And Minerals. This mixed with my Strawberry Water, for me it is a winning combination.

As science has proven, the more antioxidants you have in your diet, the more resistance you are able to build up to fight off sickness and infection. And that is EXACTLY what Prevail Immune Balance is designed to do.

Packed with antioxidants from some of the most nutrient-rich fruit and vegetable extracts on the planet, Prevail Immune Balance helps you power up your body’s ability to fight off colds and stay healthy!


Simply open the packet and mix contents with 12-16oz. of water. May be used every day to support a healthy immune system, or when the feeling of colds of sickness are coming on.


Inulin dietary fibre, Organic cane sugar, Citric acid, Natural grape powder, Stevia (leaf), Potassium citrate, Aloe vera powder, Pomegranate powder, Grape skin powder, Panax Ginseng powder, Ganoderma Lucidum powder, Beta glucan powder, Mangosteen powder, Noni fruit powder, Goji berry powder, Natual flavour.


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