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SlimRoast Coffee


Losing Weight is no easy task. It’s not just a case of eating less. You have to break many habits that you probably have built up over the years.
There are lots of “Tricks and Gimmicks” out there that work ONLY If you keep on using them, or sticking to the unrealistic “Diet” when everyone else around you is enjoying great tasting food and you feel like you should be sat in a Farm with the other “Diet” eaters.

For me, SlimRoast Coffee is a Blessing. It helped me suppress my boredom hunger and not eat the fridge every time I walked past it. It helped me create a daily routine that I could work with and that would help me with losing weight.

I get up now at a regular 06:45hrs and the first thing I do when I get in the kitchen is MAKE MY COFFEE. This gives me the beneficial start to my day and allows me the freedom to not be stuck near the fridge all the time wanting to eat whatever is in there.

Once my SlimRoast Coffee is made, then it’s time to annoy the Wife and Kids and get them all out of bed ready to take on the rest of the day.

Because of the SlimRoast Coffee when I have my breakfast in the mornings it isn’t a HUGH breakfast. In fact most days I have around 30 Grammes of carbs. If you think that 1 Slice of Bread is 15 Grammes, you can see how good my eating in the morning has become.

No matter my day ahead of me, I always start the day off with a SlimRoast Coffee. I was already a Tea and Coffee drinker before, but with swapping over to SlimRoast Coffee, I have stopped buying my regular coffee and only drink the SlimRoast.

Valentus recommends that you drink no more than 2 Sachets a day. Daily Recommendations from the Health Authorities say do not go over 500 mg of Coffee because any more than that it can become an addiction.

With the SlimRoast Coffee being All Natural NON-GMO with less than 130 mg of caffeine in the drink, for me, my personal maximum per day is 3 Sachets.


Simply open a packet and mix contents with 4-8oz of water. For maximum weight management results, drink one SlimRoast 2 times per day.


Non-GMO Brazilian Dark Roast Coffee, Garcinia Cambogia 50%, Phaseolamin, Green Extract, Organic Cacao, L-Theanine, Canola Lecithin, Green Coffee Extract, Caffeine, PEA.


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James Reilly

P.S Eat superfoods like berries, walnuts, spinach and avocados to improve your concentration.

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James Reilly

Independent Representative at Valentus
James Reilly is a Type 1 Diabetic. Looking to LIVEa long and healthy life. He is a Father of 5 and Husband to 1. James lives on the Isle of Wight in the UK.
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James Reilly

James Reilly is a Type 1 Diabetic. Looking to LIVE a long and healthy life. He is a Father of 5 and Husband to 1. James lives on the Isle of Wight in the UK.

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