The $100 Business Start Up

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How To Start a Home Base Business with $100

  1. Do you want to be financially free?
  2. Live life on your own terms?
  3. Provide your loved ones with anything they desire?

I talk to many people and they want to have it all. I hear many times, it’s easy for you.

People don’t see the road you have traveled over many months, they just see you reaping the rewards for the struggle you have gone through.

Then there are those who want the business and need $5000 a month but don’t want to commit to it or put much into it, it is the internet anyway, all you do is post your links and everyone will join.

The Reality Check

Now that we have the previous statement out the way. You need to understand that building a Home Base Business online is just as hard as it is offline. It’s just that it is easier to get setup online.

The Job you do now, did you just go up to someone in your workplace and say “Hey give me that job”, no training, no experience, no knowledge. Of course NOT.

SO why do people think they can join today and retire tomorrow? Then there are those that scream it’s a scam. My mate’s mate joined a company that blah blah blah.

I joined a company before and I didn’t make thousands within a few hours. These are real statements that I have had from people in the past.

You need to be realistic about building a Home Base Business. You also need to give yourself time to build it, to learn it, to understand it and to connect and grow with it.

I’m going to base this on Valentus because I am part of Valentus, I know the system works so I have did all the leg work for you and now I am going to share with you how to join it and build it up.

The 5 Step System

Any opportunity that you join there are some simple steps to gain success with it. Many people “Know Better” and don’t follow the steps and never get the success they dreamed of.

I want to share with you a simple system that will help you.

  1. Join The Program
  2. Order The Product
  3. Setup the Loyalty Purchase
  4. Attend The Training
  5. Share

When it is broken down like that you can see how simple it is to follow along with. So why do people NOT Follow.

Simple Answer “What IF”. That one sentence stops people before they even try. What if they don’t join, what if they don’t follow the system, what if… and the list goes on and on.

I want you to break that thought process and have some faith in yourself. Our biggest battle is with our self-belief and having faith in ourselves. YOU are more capable than you give yourself credit for.

Step 1 Join The Program

The first thing you need to do is Join The Program. What I liked about joining Valentus was that there lots of good information, good email communication and when I contacted my upline good support.

So when you click on the link, you will be taken to a page that has this form on it. Complete the form with Valid Details because they will send you information to your email. You are not a Member yet, you are classed as a Pre Enrollee just now.

Once you complete this form you will start to get emails from Valentus that are signed with my details so that you know that I am part of your team.

You MIGHT get an email from Louise Reilly or James Reilly depending on the page that you join. However you will still be in my team. I use a cloaked link that rotates my wifes account with mine. When she seen the success I was having with this she wanted to start ordering her own products instead of drinking mine. So I get the joy of helping and supporting her build her business up as well as my own…. I think lol.

Once you have completed this form you can actually go to and click on the Sign In link on the top right. What you can actually do here is sign in to the system with the email address that you used to learn about the system. You do that in the Pre Enrollee section.

Once you login you will be able to have a look around and click on the links. The ONLY thing you wont have are Business Links that you can use to promote. So you can’t pre enroll and then promote the product.

Step 2 Order The Product

What I recommend is to login and Order the Product of choice. When I joined it was SlimRoast Coffee that I was after, So i went to the Loyalty Purchase and setup the SlimRoast Coffee for ONE Box per month.

I went to the Order Link and I ordered the SlimRoast Coffee and instead of being a Customer I chose to be an Independent Representative (IR), purely because I know that if I like it I will promote it and with promoting it I can earn from it.

The IR was a ONE Time Fee of $20. So my total cost up till now is ONE Box of SlimRoast Coffee at $59.00, my IR One Time Fee of $20 and the Postage and Packaging which took me to just under $100.

Because I did it that way, I was upgraded and had access to the IR Links in the back office which meant I could start sharing my links and building up interest in the product.

The Coffee didn’t take too long to get to me. Back then (Aug 2015) it used to come to me from the USA, now it comes from Germany and only takes a few days. It used to take over a week to 2 weeks to get here.

Whilst I was waiting, I had the chance to connect with my upline, find them in Facebook and chat with them, get involved and find out what links etc I needed to really take notice of.

The Product Arrives

When the product arrived, no joking I thought I had made the biggest mistake of my life. I hated it. I found out it was more because I’m a Yorkshire Tea man than a Coffee drinker. I thought I had left my coffee days behind me in the Army and Night Shifts.

BUT I made it and I drank it. Then something odd happened. I had energy i thought I didn’t have anymore. I actually cleaned the Kitchen, the living room, went into Cowes town, up to the Doctors and round to Aldi for some shopping. Whilst doing that my wife got up and thought I had left. She was worried and phoning her friends to see if anyone had seen me lol.

I was housebound for many years because of my Type 1 Diabetes. To feel the way I did after I drank that first SlimRoast Coffee, it had been such a long time since I had any get up and go.

I was informed to do One Sachet of Coffee per day. To  start with do half a sachet in the morning before breakfast and half in the afternoon before lunch. I didn’t because I didn’t have much faith in the product. I had a full sachet and it gave me a kick up the ass I hadn’t experienced since my Army days lol.

I loved the feeling and after a few days, I moved up to 3 Sachets per day. Now Valentus does recommend only 2 Sachets a day. However I was addicted to feeling better. I also researched a bit about coffee. DO NOT drink anymore than 500mg per day in Coffee, anymore than that and you can become addicted. SlimRoast has around 130mg per sachet. So I was within Coffee Guidelines.

Because I had started to drink more of the Coffee I was running out fast, this is when I decided to setup my Loyalty Purchase.

1 Box = 24 Sachets – 1 Sachet Per Day for 6 days x 4 weeks = 24 Sachets. Does that make sense?

So I now needed 3 Boxes, one for Before Breakfast, Mid Afternoon and early Evening.

Share and Recommend

Whilst I was starting on the SlimRoast Coffee, I setup my page on Facebook so that I could post to it. The reason I setup a page was because I knew that if it worked I wanted to build this up as a Business and Facebook don’t want you to promote your business on your personal Profile.

So here is my Facebook Page that I setup for Valentus –

You will see if you look around this site that I am a very capable guy with the tech stuff. ANYONE who Joins my team I help with branding yourself, setting up systems and marketing the product. You are NOT Alone with this Venture in your life.

So when I share, I share my own journey as a Type 1 Diabetic, a Healthy lifestyle and I also share other peoples Valentus Journey. We have access to Testimonials so that you can share the Opportunity.

People by nature are interested, if YOU Can do it so can I, that is a thought process lots of people go through. Just sharing and following the system is what brings you in success. Being a Product of the Product and promoting the product and what it has done for you.

Step 3 Setup the Loyalty Purchase

One box for me is NOT Enough as you can see. So I setup a Loyalty Purchase for the Starter Pack which is 3 boxes.

So what you need to do is either setup a monthly order or make sure that you order at least ONE Box per Calendar Month before the 25th. This way you are eligible for the Monthly Commission.

What actually made the move easier was because when I got the first box and I was waiting for it to arrive I setup my Page for Valentus on Facebook, I was posting on it. People ask questions and when they do I shared with them the link.

For me this has been my most successful URL to share with people, the Experience Valentus link that you can get from inside your system. I am NOT trying to promote the business, I am just sharing my journey and the coffee, purely because that was the one that I started with and it was what was giving me my most success. There are other products in Valentus but for the purpose of this post I am just demonstrating the ONE Product SlimRoast Coffee. Click Here To Check Out the Other Products.

When people asked I shared and they purchased a box to test it. Guess what?

For every SINGLE Box $59 purchase that is made, I make $20 commission. How many people can you share what you are doing and ask them to TRY it. Let me show you some simple math for this.

I learned a long time ago about Compound. I used that thought process. All them $20 Commissions I left in my account by using the Transfer Funds link, i will explain that one lower down the post.

Look at the diagram, this is based on 1 Box at a time. You can see this is just on the Single Box Purchase, that is all I am working with just now. All I am doing is sharing what I am doing and how they can test it. 1 Box = 1 Person = $59 which gives me $20 Commission that I leave to build until I have enough for the first upgrade, e.g the Starter Package. I keep on sharing the 1 Box System. You will get people who will join you at higher boxes and levels, as IR and as Customers.

This post is here to show you how you can work a business from minimum outgoings to maximum income.

If ONE Person asks me and they are interested I share my link with them to Experience Valentus with me. I explain to them how I got into it and I share with them the reason why I took the IR Route and that it ONLY Cost a One Time $20. I also explain to them that if they don’t like the coffee, Valentus offers a 90 Day Prorata Refund. You will come up against people who don’t like the product or can’t have the Coffee. So it’s good to have that information for them to help keep their mind at peace.

Remember your not after their money, your not after an IR signup, your wanting to HELP them, be healthier, be more able. If you come from that mindset you will be more successful in what you do because you are building a business of customers who are IR as well.

When I came to setup my Loyalty Purchase on the Starter Package I already had accumulated commission from people trying the product.

I was able to use the Commission that I had got from valentus by using the Transfer Credit Link you get in the back office. You can turn this on and off as and when you want. I have it turned on and what it does is instead of sending me commission it keeps it in the system and I can purchase my products using it, which means it costs me nothing to buy my products because I earned the commission from telling others about it.

When you join, setting this right at the start helps you accelerate your business and product purchase easier. When I want to turn this off, I just click on the Do not credit any of my earnings to my credit account and then click on save.

So now go to the Loyalty Purchase link in your back office and click on it. Scroll down to the Starter Package 3 Boxes and set that up with your Product. You can do all 3 of one, or a mix.

Infact let me show you mine.

Look at the date I created it, and look at the next bill date. I am NOT sharing with you theory here, I am sharing with you what I do and How I done it. The reason I have them three products is because I do a system called 12in24. I have one slimroast in the morning, One Trim in the Afternoon and one Immune Boost in the evening. It doesn’t show them three products because I was doing the 6 pack for a bit so I could build up my Products because one time early on I got stranded with NO Products and it made a difference in my mood and sugar level. But as you can see you don’t need to do just one product you can mix and match it.

Look at what you have done!

Stop for a moment and think about what I have shared with you here and how far you have come with this.

If everyone duplicates the system, then you open up this business to ANYONE of any income and any education level.

There should never be an excuse to say I cannot afford or do it. $100 to start a business that you will work at and grow. Even with the chart above showing you the $20 earnings ON YOUR Own Efforts, with everyone else duplicating what you are doing that $20 grows exponentially because you earn a commission on your team building efforts.

Don’t have $100, you have access to eBay, craigslist, look around you. See what you don’t want or need anymore. Stay in one night, don’t get that take away, don’t buy them cigarettes, it all adds up easily to $100.

When you do something, your prospect will do what you do and their prospect will do what they do and before you know it you have a domino effect of people duplicating what you are doing.

For you to build a really successful business think about this. You just need ONE Person to duplicate what you are doing and not skip a step PER MONTH. When you help one person per month, and you teach them to help one person per month. Your income after the year doing your part time Valentus Business should allow you the opportunity to consider this a Full Time Income.

Step 4 Attend The Training

You will get emails from Valentus letting you know about the latest training calls going on. It is important you get onto these calls so you can learn from other leaders and mentors. This helps you recognize what you can do in your own Valentus journey as a Customer and as an IR.

There is a website you can listen in on the latest Calls. Click Here. Connecting with your upline as well will be a great help to your education in this business. If you join me then I am your upline. I have some great resources to share with you and help you really grow your Valentus Business.

Step 5 Share

If you don’t talk about what you are doing then no one will know and they wont be able to participate in what you are doing. There are so many resources around us that sharing our story, our journey is so easy now. You have Facebook Live, Facebook Groups, Your Own Facebook Page, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, maybe even your own Blog there is just so much for you to put to use.

When you join the business you actually need to share your story with it and share your journey. This brings people into your realm and allows them to experience your venture with you and even join you in it.

So many times people tell me “I have NO Signups” “I have no one buying the product” and then I go to their page and there is NOTHING about it there. Imagine a shop opening up and not advertising about it, or telling people or even word of mouth. It would kill industry.

We are so Socially Connected now we don’t actually connect with each other lol. People are genuinely interested in what you are doing, sharing with them is the best way to expose what you are doing to help them with their Health.


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