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Business Builder Package

I shared on another post how to build your business from the Ground Upwards starting with $100. Click Here to read it.  Now what I want to do is to share with you the Advantage you gain with starting on the $499 Business Builder Package.

One of the Biggest advantages you have with getting started with the Business Builder Package is that you get your product at a lower cost because your buying more product.

Let me breakdown each of the Packages for you so you can see the price comparison:

  • Single Product Purchase $59.95 per box
  • Starter Package 3 Boxes works out at around $43 per box
  • Advance Package 6 Boxes works out at around $33 per box
  • Business Builder Package 16 Boxes works at around $31 per box

When you buy your first package that is the level you are going to earn commission at. You DO NOT Need to keep buying that package level every month, you only need to purchase it ONCE then keep your Business Volume (BV) going monthly to keep earning at that level.

If you want the fastest success from this as a business then the Business Builder Pack is the way for you to go. Let me share with you a few more advantages to the Business Builder Pack.

Business Builders Start

  • Fast Start Bonuses is $100, where as the other packages range from $20 to $60
  • Dual Team Income on both your legs enrollments at the Business Builder Package Level adds to more volume for you. For ever $499 Business Builder Package you signup places 100 Business Volume (BV) into the leg that you signed them up in to.
  • Matching Paycheck means you get BIGGER dual team income. If everyone buys in at the $499 Business Builder Package and duplicates that with their teams and then setting up the Loyalty Purchase monthly for the Starter Pack, which is the 3 boxes Package, then the income grows larger and faster for you.
  • BONUS Advantage – When you join at the Business Builder Package you get Grandfathered in to Emerald Position for your Commitment to the Loyalty Purchase.

There are 2 ways to Emerald

  1. You start on the Business Builder Package (16 Boxes) and you stay on 100 Business Volume (BV) Per Month Loyalty Purchase for 6 months then you are rewarded from Valentus  Emerald Level.
  2. You start on the Business Builder Package (16 Boxes) and you stay on 150 Business Volume (BV) Per Month Loyalty Purchase for 3 Months then you are rewarded from Valentus Emerald Level.

1% Global Enrollment Bonus Pool

When you join as a Business Builder and you are qualified and Ruby,  when you enroll 3 Business Builder Packs during any ONE MONTH you earn a part of the 1% Global Bonus Pool. However, you DO NOT qualify for this bonus unless you are a Business Builder and Qualified.

Remember when your building your team, they will do as you do, and if they follow this post then they will be quicker in the business and they will be quicker at earning. People Buy People.

The Car Bonus

When everyone in your team starts with the Business Builder Package @ $499 and who continue on to do the Loyalty Purchase and keep it running the Starter Package which is the 3 Boxes 100 Business Volume (BV) Per Month.

Your success in Valentus as a Business Builder comes down to the actions you do yourself and what you teach your team. The MORE Success you have, the MORE Your team will want the same success and the more they will do what you do. The more they do what you do the MORE Success you will get.

Valentus Business Builder Package Video


So Join at the Business Builder Package @ $499 then setup the Loyalty Purchase for the Starter Package @ $129 per month and keep that going. When you have people join the Business make sure that you help them see the advantages of the Loyalty Purchase and help them on the Starter Package.

With the Starter Package that allows you to do the 3 Products per day and really put the products to great use in your life.

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Thank You
James Reilly

P.S If you want to Crush in your Home Base Business, We would love YOU to join Our Team. Check it out Here

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